AC Unit Vacation

The Air Conditioner Vacation

For a limited time: A+ Plumbing Heating & Cooling is offering their annual AC Unit Tune Up for only $79

Invest in a special $79 AC Unit Annual Maintenance between May to July of 2019 and ask about the make the grade guarantee!

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Promotion Details:

A+ Plumbing Heating & Cooling knows that the last thing on your mind during these cool breezy months is the lifespan of your AC Unit. We want to make sure that every house is cool and fresh during the summer season, so we’re offering a special promotion to help boost the lifespan of your AC Unit. We’re also unveiling our Make the Grade Guarantee, an opportunity for us to guarantee our work and the lifespan of your unit for up to 6 months! During our AC Unit maintenance, we’ll diagnose any problems or wearing parts that may need addressing: allow us to fix any problems we find and we’ll guarantee our work for your next 6 months of usage. Our guarantee insures that if anything goes wrong with your AC Unit within the next months we’ll visit you free of charge and inspect, replace, or fix any of the problem areas we initially pointed out when we qualified your unit. Ask about how you can qualify, and about saving more money with our recurring maintenance plans!

We’re dedicated to the local community, we want to save you money, provide amazing service, and make sure your home comfort systems from plumbing to HVAC to electrical are safe, secure, and work well for you. Remember at A+ Plumbing Heating & Cooling: we believe in quality that makes the grade!

Our AC Unit Maintenance Includes

Standard Maintenance

Checking thermostat calibration
Checking air/oil filter
Checking blower components
Measuring for correct air flow
Checking all electrical connections
Ensuring proper system operation
Examine quality of installation
Inspect equipment clearances
Examine overall condition
Clean and/or replace standard air filters
Tightening electrical connections
Measure volts and amps
Cleaning condensate drain
Applying protective coating

For Furnace Maintenance:

Checking system is matched properly (HPs)
Checking heat mood (HPs)
Checking defrost cycle (HPs)
Checking auxiliary heat operation (HPs)
Examining heat exchanger for damage & erosion
Inspect & clean ignition assembly
Inspect, adjust, and clean burner assembly
Inspect venting and vent clearances
Checking combustion air meets requirements
Checking gas/oil pressure
Inspecting gas/oil piping
Testing safety controls
Measuring temperature difference in supply/return
Monitoring flue direction
Adjusting gas pressure
Adjusting pilot
Monitoring heat cycle
In-place cleaning of blower components

For AC Maintenance:

Check condenser and evaporator coils
Test starting capabilities
Test safety controls
Measure temperature differences in supply/return
Monitor refrigerant pressure
Checking condensate drains
In-place cleaning of blower components
Monitoring cooling cycle
Applying biocide treatment
Cleaning condenser coil