A+ Annual Maintenance:

Need a one time service for your once a year problems? Contact us for a comprehensive $160 annual maintenance service and find out why quality makes the grade! We can schedule an appointment twice a year to inspect your home’s total comfort system including the furnace, air conditioner heat pump, coil, drains, and thermostat!

About our annual maintenance:

What’s covered:

Our annual maintenance inspection includes all of the following for one unit in your home:


Checking thermostat calibration
Checking air/oil filter
Checking blower components
Measure for correct airflow
Check all electrical connections
Ensure proper system operation
Examine quality of installation
Inspect areas around system
Inspect equipment clearances
Examine overall condition
Cleaning and/or replacing of standard air filters
Tightening of electrical connections
Measuring volts and amps
Lubricating all moving parts
Cleaning the condensate drain
Applying of protective coating


Ensuring system is matched properly (HPs)
Checking heat mode (HPs)
Checking defrost cycle (HPs)
Checking auxiliary heat operation (HPs)
Examining heat exchanger for damage & erosion
Inspecting and cleaning ignition assembly
Inspecting, cleaning, and adjusting burner assembly
Inspecting venting and vent clearances
Checking combustion air meets requirements
Checking gas/oil pressure
Inspecting gas/oil piping
Testing safety controls
Measuring temperature differences in supply/return
Monitoring flue direction
Adjusting gas pressure
Adjusting pilot
Monitoring heating cycle
In-place cleaning of blower components



Checking condenser and evaporator coils
Testing starting capabilities
Testing safety controls
Measuring temperature differences in supply/return
Monitoring refrigerant pressure
Checking condensation drains
In-place cleaning of blower components
Monitoring cooling cycle
Applying biocide treatment
Cleaning of the condenser coil

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